Mission in Motion is a one-stop shop for your city when it comes to web design, administration, and social media. We can help your city’s website function well for you and your community, ensuring compliance with the law, and offering messaging that is attractive to those seeking to relocate. Your city has an incredible story to tell, let us help you tell it.

City of Harrah Case Study:

We first began working with the City of Harrah after their web hosting service shuttered their doors and told them by phone that their website would go dark in less than two weeks. On top of that the City of Harrah was unable to reach anyone at their host service to transfer their files. All was lost.

Mission in Motion Design was able to build a completely brand new site and improve their online presence. We have built sites for the City of Harrah, the Harrah Police Department, and the Harrah Fire Department.  Alongside these sites, we creates social media pages for these City of Harrah sites and their parks. Here is a list of services that we are currently contracted to perform for the City of Harrah:

  • Create and maintain City of Harrah website, email and hosting
  • Maintain social media pages
  • Announce City Council and various board meetings through the site and social media
  • Update Board minutes and agendas
  • Maintain City of Harrah web calendars
  • Post and publicize job openings
  • Work with the City of Harrah and Harrah Park Board to publicize events
  • Channel messages from website and social media to appropriate parties
  • Administrate Google Apps for City of Harrah
  • Train staff
  • Use website and social media to tell the story of our community

We love working with the City of Harrah and we would love to work with your city. Contact us today to sit down and see what we can do for your city.