Keep It Updated

The past few weeks I have been contacted by a number of new clients are having problems with their computers.  These are small businesses with three to fifty employees who do not have a full-time I.T. person on staff.  Keeping the computers running is mission critical in many of these environments.  One of them fell victim to a nasty ransomware virus that encrypted all of their files on their computer and external storage devices.  Others encountered a host of malware and viruses.

In all of these cases the primary reason for the issues was the same.  Nobody was keeping the computers updated.  Operating systems were out of date.  Updates to the operating systems had not been run in a long time.  Internet Explorer was out of date.

Here at Mission in Motion one of the services that we provide in our on-site visits is to make sure that your companies computers are up to date and not as vulnerable to attack.  People are trying to attack you and your business everyday.  Do not leave your most valuable tool out in the open.  Keep your machines updated and put a quality anti-virus program on every computer and device.  Give us a call if you would like to set up Site Assessment of your business.